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A database for memories

Remember everything you've ever seen, heard or said.
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Open-source. Unbreakable encryption. Infinite storage.

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Infr supports builders & dreamers around the world, from students to professionals

How it works.

Infr is an open-source tool for storing, analysing and querying everything you've ever seen, heard or said.

0 GB Storage Required

Infr keeps your device fast, secure and light by storing everything securely in your managed, encrypted cloud database.

Open Source and Secure

Infr is open-source and uses the latest encryption technologies to keep your data safe.

Battery Friendly

Infr is designed to be battery friendly and only syncs when you're on WiFi. A continous run for a full day only uses 0.3% of you battery per hour.

Everything about you, in one place.

From screen recordings to audio, files, text and more, Infr stores everything you've ever seen, heard or said.

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How it helps.

Get analytics, replay your screen, go to a URL, relive a digital experience and so much more.

Screen Replay

Replay your screen to see what you were doing at any point in time.

Relive a Digital Experience

Infr stores device, sensor and browser data at all points so you can relive a digital experience.

AI Analytics

Infr uses AI to analyse your data and give you insights into your digital life.